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Our features

Intuitive Conversation Builder

Craft compelling conversation flows effortlessly using our intuitive visual interface. Drag and drop conversation elements, set user prompts, and define responses. No coding required! DeployScript takes care of the technical details so you can focus on creating engaging experiences.

Smart Program Generation

With a click of a button, DeployScript automatically generates the program that powers your web app's conversations. Our advanced algorithms analyze your conversation flow and transform it into a seamless and efficient program, ready to provide an exceptional user experience.

Special Link Generation

Once your program is ready, DeployScript generates a special link that serves as a gateway to your web app's enhanced experience. Simply share this link with your users through emails, social media, or any other channel. They can access your app directly and engage in captivating conversations without any hassle.

Got questions? We’re here to help!

How do I get started with DeployScript?

To get started with DeployScript login to your ChatGPT account via this link: Click Here

Then go to the plugin store and search for DeployScript in the search bar. Then click install and sign up!

What are DeployScripts limitations?

OpenAI limits the plugin token amounts.

This impacts the performance of DeployScript as if the file/script/code you generate is longer than x tokens it will get stuck in a perpetual loop of constantly retrying to deploy the code.

It also doesn't support chunking tasks. So you can't ask ChatGPT to "Chunk" code/tasks into smaller chunks and then deploy.Unfortunately, this isn't something that can be solved at this time.

If you've found a workaround to this email or reach out to us in the chat and get 6 months of the Pro plan free

Why is it stuck loading?

This is due to the character limit. If you go over x tokens it will get stuck in a loop constantly loading.

How do I use DeployScript?

It's very straightforward:High-Quality Prompt = High-Quality Deployment

But that doesn't mean it'll be exactly what you want on the first try. The key to using DeployScript is to treat it like a conversation you'd have with a developer. At its core DeployScript Conversation Builder. You build by having a conversation with ChatGPT.

Now this is partially determined by how well you understand what you want.  This is because you need to be able to prompt in detail exactly what you want and how you want it to work. This doesn't mean it has to be perfect. But you need to have an end goal in mind to get the most out of it.

Why does it say I exceeded my account limit?

Free users are allotted 12 requests per month. When you hit that limit you will be prompted to upgrade to a Pro Account which has unlimited requests.

Is my data secure?

Yes we don't share your data with anybody and your projects are private.

My account didn't upgrade after I paid. Whats wrong?

This means you didn't use the same email you used to sign up to DeployScript with for the payment.

The emails need to match otherwise it won't work.

Reach out to support and provide your App ID to get this fixed.
Click here for support